2009  March 16

Characteristics of the Creative Leader

I made this chart with Becky Bermont for our presentation at Davos World Economic Forum on “Creative Leadership” in January 2009. Since it has been requested ... here it is. I hope it’s useful. -JM

Authoritative LeaderCreative Leader
Symbol of AuthoritySymbol of Inspiration
More SticksMore Carrots
Linear PathNonlinear Path
Plan and Execute: Launching with 1.0Iterate and Do: Living in Beta
Sustaining OrderTaking Risks
Yes or No (clear)Maybe (comfort with ambiguity)
Literal in ToneMetaphorical in Tone
Concerned with Being RightConcerned with Being Real
Think like a General or ConductorThink like an Artist or Designer
Delegates ActionsHands-On Driven
Closed SystemOpen System
Close the RanksPermeable
Follows the ManualImprovises when Appropriate
Loves to Avoid MistakesLoves to Learn from Mistakes
Orchestra ModelJazz Ensemble
Community in HarmonyCommunity in Conversation
Wants to be RightHopes to be Right
Open to Limited FeedbackOpen to Unlimited Critique
Your Opinion MattersWhat are You Really Thinking?

PS Here it is in the original visual form (PDF).

This has proven to be a sturdy idea, and was created with Becky Bermont.

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