On Lin-dership

I confess to never having been a particularly avid NBA fan until the recent Jeremy Lin stories began to break over the last month. I was particularly interested in how after every winning game, Lin would be interviewed and his response was consistently to the effect, “It was because the team came together.” And he took no individual credit for the win.

So when the Knicks recently lost, I thought it interesting how he finally did take credit by saying the following:

“Everyone wants to credit me for the last seven games, and I definitely deserve this one on my shoulders. That’s fine with me,” Lin said. http://risd.cc/zQ7KJW

it was especially nice to watch Lin’s race to the top because it reminded me of what David Brooks was saying the other day about humility. The question was, to the effect: Can you be allowed to be confident and humble at the same time? http://risd.cc/wRkPcS

Jeremy Lin’s performance and poise, at such a young age, showed me yet again how much we can learn from the next generation. -JM