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Organization Design Links

I keep a running tab of organizational design leadership resources on Twitter and forget all of them (like the visualization links below). Here’s a permanent list I’m starting, and will make it work better over the holidays. -JM

Creative Leader vs Authoritative Leader Chart / JM + BB link

Self-Governance / Dov Seidman:

Divergence vs/with Convergence / JM + GE mid-execs:

Brennan’s Hierarchy of Imagination / Patti Brennan:

Chaordic Organizations / Dee Hock:

Redesigning Leadership / JM + BB:

Pyramid and the Plum Tree / Gordon Mackenzie:

Systems and Design Thinking / Russel Ackoff:

Self-Renewal / John Gardner:

Lego Serious Play, Policy Informatics, Dark Matter book, WEF white paper, …

Visualization Links

I keep a running tab of visualization resources on Twitter and forget all of them. So I’ll keep a permanent list starting now, and will make it look better over this upcoming holiday break (fingers crossed).


I’ve become increasingly interested in bringing art and design to the space of leadership – this is within both the philosophy of leaders adopting more creativity in their work and in the design of digital tools to aid leaders in managing the complexity that surrounds them. -JM