Organization Design Links

I keep a running tab of organizational design leadership resources on Twitter and forget all of them (like the visualization links below). Here’s a permanent list I’m starting, and will make it work better over the holidays. -JM

Creative Leader vs Authoritative Leader Chart / JM + BB link

Self-Governance / Dov Seidman:

Divergence vs/with Convergence / JM + GE mid-execs:

Brennan’s Hierarchy of Imagination / Patti Brennan:

Chaordic Organizations / Dee Hock:

Redesigning Leadership / JM + BB:

Pyramid and the Plum Tree / Gordon Mackenzie:

Systems and Design Thinking / Russel Ackoff:

Self-Renewal / John Gardner:

Lego Serious Play, Policy Informatics, Dark Matter book, WEF white paper, …