2009  April 3

Web 2.0

I spoke at Tim’s conference in SF yesterday and was impressed with the number of folks there. Given the drabby stories of our economy I felt a sense of hope in the audience that was palpable. Maybe it wasn’t just hope. But instead, possibility.

The Web is an interesting place that helps us transcend normal boundaries of institution, country, and ideology. Spacetime collapses in order that our minds may form a more perfect union.

Everyone is a thought leader today on the Web if they think creatively. Because when they do so, they usually lead by example through an action -- typing, photographing, illustrating, talking, playing. It’s a first person world that we live in virtual space. It is the ultimate in directly interacting with the world completely indirectly through mediation.

Anyways I could feel in the Web 2.0 audience possibilities. I look forward to experiencing them soon. The world needs your creative, thoughtful, hands-on leadership today folks. Thank you! -JM

One thing I didn’t realize at the time was the inherent optimism to Silicon Valley.

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