2011  September 5

David Kelley Clip

A few years ago I was in the habit of asking random creative leaders the question, “What should future artists and designers know?” straight onto my iPhone. I’m certain that I will lose all these recordings someday (given that my computer’s hard disk failed recently) so I will try to trickle some of them here. This is a 3-minute piece where David Kelley (co-founder of IDEO) expresses the desire for more designers to know how to communicate better with executives as their time has come to address the C-level-folks. Personally, the reason why I got my MBA was to understand “best practices”- and “quad-chart”-speak to demystify what I heard from many business colleagues, and was relieved to know we were essentially saying the same thing -- just in different languages. -JM

Knowing the business community’s vocabulary can be helpful.

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