2011  December 17

The Art Party

I attended a lecture at the RISD Museum in October by the British artist Bob Smith (Roberta is his alter ego). It was dark in the Metcalf auditorium, but I scribbled some notes that I’ve always wanted to transcribe because much of what he said was at the intersection of being serious, funny, obvious, contradictory, over-the-top, and downright inspiring:

  • Artists, poets, dancers, architects built America and they will rebuild America with art at its center.
  • Artists are people who speak out. So being an artist is a tough, dirty job.
  • Art is the economic stimulus that the world needs right now.
  • Everybody needs/enjoys/consumes images.
  • The art world is a gated community.
  • I need to think that art can help.
  • Artists are people who want to add something that they see missing.
  • Creativity is about a certain kind of rebellion.
  • Everything is made.
  • While art is being accepted into society, it’s important for art to retain a critical underground.
  • Make your own d*mn art!

Bob leads what he calls the “Art Party” -- a kind of politics that the world might need right now. -JM

The STEAM movement was inspired by many artists like Bob (and Roberta) Smith

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