2012  December 9


I spied this worthwhile restroom graffiti earlier this year and shared it on Twitter:

I’m worried about missing everything I’m too scared to live for.”

and found it had resurfaced as an echo on Twitter yesterday. While observing that all happening, I encountered the “FOMO” term as used by @cosekoski which I wasn’t aware about (I’m always embarrassed to be a few years behind everyone else). This article helped decode it for me as meaning “Fear Of Missing Out,” and I felt enormously better that my FOMO about what “FOMO” meant finally got resolved.

Artists and designers tend to have extremely high FOMO -- I think in part it marks them (us) as hungrily insatiable and overwhelmingly curious. The latter attribute being more of an indication of being fearless (of the new) than being fearful (of missing out).

And there, my FOMO with respect to posting this thought right now is sated. Phew. -JM

FOMO is “Fear Of Missing Out”

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