2013  November 18

Social Media

I recently gave a talk on leadership to the folks with the intent of learning more about social media. Sometimes I think of social media as a new word for “customer service in public” — which isn’t easy by any means. The link above, to me, represents the kind of lower-level challenges that social media folks get into on the Web. If you note, there never is a point of resolution achieved on the strand. The higher-level challenges of social media for a leader beg all kinds of new questions. I wanted to keep a link to the above URL so that’s what this post is for (a note to myself). Note, the link I kept here can no longer be accessed -- it was a customer support thread that got really ugly on Verizon. You don't have to look far anymore to look at customer service debacles on social media today. -JM

The expectations for customer service are now 24/7 and played out in public.

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